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PowerWeb is Forecast International's Energy Portal. Our site is packed with the latest info and data about the markets for aviation gas turbines, industrial gas & steam turbines (mechanical drives and power generation), and marine gas turbines. PowerWeb also provides detailed information about pipelines as well as energy and electricity production and consumption (oil, natural gas, coal, and renewables).

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Latest Turbine Production Data:

Aviation Gas Turbine Production

2017 units  14,851 +2.8%

2017 sales  $72.4B +7.0%

Industrial & Marine Turbine Prod.

2017 units    1,601 +3.7%

2017 sales  $23.7B +2.9%

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Oil & Nat. Gas Prices (Excel XLS)

Crude Oil, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) (1986-2017)
Crude Oil, Brent Europe (1987-2017)
Natural Gas, Henry Hub (1997-2017)

Gasoline Prices (Excel XLS)

Gasoline - Regular, New York Harbor (1986-2017)
Gasoline - Regular, U.S. Gulf Coast (1986-2017)
RBOB Regular Gasoline, Los Angeles (2003-2017)

Other Energy Prices (Excel XLS)

Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel (1990-2017)
Propane - Mont Belvieu, Texas (1992-2017)
Diesel Fuel, Los Angeles (1990-2017)
Heating Oil, New York Harbor (1986-2017)

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Key FI Power Market Forecasts | Aviation and Industrial & Marine Gas Turbines

Market for Aviation Gas Turbines

Units (2017) 14,851  +2.8%

Values (2017) $72.4B  +7.0%

Unit Production


Forecast International's Aviation Gas Turbine Forecast provides detailed coverage of all major civil and military engine programs throughout the world. Turbofan, turboshaft, and turboprop engines are all featured, making this volume the ultimate resource on the full expanse of this market. Various submarkets are featured as well, including engines used on airline and military transports, business jets, rotorcraft, fighters, regional transports, and missiles/drones/UAVs. Completing the service are seven appendices that provide consolidated production statistics, 10 years of historical production for aftermarket evaluation, and a directory of aviation gas turbine manufacturers and packagers, among other pertinent data.

Sales Values

Note: The above graph refers only to steam turbines used in conjunction with gas turbines in co-generation applications. It is entirely possible that we may have missed some likely co-gen applications, as inevitably happens. Further, there are many pure steam installations which will continue to operate independently, with other heat sources.

Gas Turbines Dominate U.S. Navy Shipbuilding Plans

Gas turbines will dominate U.S. Navy warship construction during the 2017 – 2021 building plan. Every class of warship being built during this period will use gas turbines as their primary propulsion machinery. In addition, the ships will carry gas turbines auxiliary power units that will provide the electricity needed to operate their weapons and sensors. For main high speed propulsion the General Electric's LM2500, will power the DDG 51 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers and the LCS1 Freedom Class Frigates. Gas turbines are also making inroads into the amphibious warfare fleet. The new LCAC 100 Ship-to-Shore connectors will be powered by Rolls Royce MT-7 gas turbines, nominal 7,000 shp , while the LHA-6 America Class Helicopter Carriers will rely on the well proven LM2500. However, General Electric should not rest upon its laurels, since the new LCS 2 Independence Class Frigates will use the new, more poweful Rolls Royce MT-30 (48,276 SHP) which will open the possibility of a challenge to the LM2500 for future construction. For full clarity in reading the pie chart, the Rolls-Royce AE1107 family includes the MT-7, while the Trent is the MT-30.

U.S. and International Energy Production & Consumption Data

Monthly U.S. Energy Production
and Consumption Reports

1) Primary Energy Overview [PDF/XLS]
2) Primary energy production by source [PDF/XLS]
3) Primary energy consumption by source [PDF/XLS]
4) Energy consumption by sector [PDF]
5) Petroleum Data [PDF]
6) Natural Gas Data [PDF]
7) Coal Data [PDF]
8) Nuclear Energy Data [PDF]
9) Renewable Energy Data [PDF]
10) Electricity generation and Consumption [PDF]
11) Energy Prices [PDF]
12) World Crude oil production, consumption and stocks [PDF]
13) Crude oil and natural gas resource development [PDF]
14) Carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption [PDF]

Annual Energy Outlook 2017
with Projections to 2050

Download Full Report [PDF]

Table A1) Total Energy Supply, Disposition, and Price Summary [XLS]
Table A2) Energy Consumption by Sector and Source [XLS]
Table A3) Energy Prices by Sector and Source [XLS]
Table A4) Residential Sector Key Indicators and Consumption [XLS]
Table A5) Commercial Sector Key Indicators and Consumption [XLS]
Table A6) Industrial Sector Key Indicators and Consumption [XLS]
Table A7) Transportation Sector Key Indicators and Consumption [XLS]
Table A8) Electricity Supply, Disposition, Prices, and Emissions [XLS]
Table A9) Electricity Generating Capacity [XLS]
Table A10) Electricity Trade [XLS]

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